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Police & Fire Vacation Discount
If you are an active or retired career fireman or law enforcement professional, you will receive a 10% discount during your Ranch Soup stay on the Boreen Ranch of Wyoming. Please make sure to mention your affiliation when you set up your stay.

Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
Boreen Hay and Cattle
Things You Can Do While You Are Here.......                         
You hit the jackpot.  Smack in the center of the entire Basin, your "Ranch Soup" stay can be tailored to fit your interests.  "Ranch Soup" visitors can fish, hunt, boat, raft, and ride (bring your own horse), explore great archaeological and paleontological sites, and see real evidence of people who lived in the American West up to 10,000 years ago.

Plan your vacation in the Big Horn Basin
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On the twelve month "Ranch Soup" CALENDAR  page you will see activities scheduled on the ranch and throughout the Big Horn Basin. Click on an event in the calendar and you can read more about that event!   Also, you can read the rest of the page you are on right now to hone in on the many sightseeing ideas and opportunities available to you!.   Our website should make your planning effort very easy!

For History And Nature…. Look No Further!

Geology and geothermal activity add to the mystery of this region of Wyoming.  "Ranch Soup" is on the way to Yellowstone National Park , which is one of the premier geothermal wonders of the United States, if not the world.  Additionally, archeological and paleontological wonders abound throughout the Big Horn Basin.   Several large and amazing sites exhibiting many ancient petroglyphs are located nearby. From prehistoric fossilized dinosaur tracks and active dinosaur digs, to ancient Native American ceremonial sites!   If you are into bones, pictures, and rocks… we have it all!           

Of course, the history of the American West is all around us. The Jim Bridger historic trail passes by the back of the ranch.   The town of Cody, as one of the entrances to Yellowstone National Park, holds the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum for you to explore.  While you are in Cody, you can`t leave the Basin before making a stop at the Irma Hotel.  Try to stay out of the way of the gunfighters!  Old Town in Cody is another place you may want to take in. 

Boreen Ranch - Pronghorn - Big Horn LakeAmerican Indian history exists in any direction you travel from "Ranch Soup" headquarters.  From the ancient Sheep Eaters who lived in the mountains all around the Basin, to the Nez Perce Trail that led near Cody in 1877 as the Nez Perce people fled over 1300 miles from the U.S. Army, the great humanitarian Chief Washakie of the Shoshone People to the south, and finally to the war grounds of the Crow, Sioux and Northern Cheyenne, and U.S. Army to the northeast where the Battle of the Little Big Horn was fought.

More Sights To Take In!

  • Dramatized Shoot Out at Buffalo Bill`s Irma Hotel (Cody)  -  Six nights a week June - September.  Free.  Just go to the porch of the Irma.  Best to be there about 5:30.  
  • Cody Night Rodeo  -  A great rodeo produced every evening June 1 - August 31.
  • Old Trail Town - A collection of buildings and artifacts including 26 buildings built between 1879 and 1901.  The collection also boasts 100 horse drawn vehicles and historic Plains Indians materials. Jeremiah " Liver-Eating" Johnson, the mountain man, is buried in the cemetery along with several other notorious Western characters.  (Located on the outskirts of Cody and open May - Sept.)
  • Historic Caroline Lockhart Cattle Ranch (Lovell)  -   The Lockhart Ranch is the best preserved historic homestead available for public viewing in the Bighorn Basin. Visit the well-preserved homestead of this author and cattle baroness.  (Preserved by the National Park Service.)
  • Kirwin Abandoned Mining Town

Hunters Invited to Headquarter Here!
Pheasant, Turkey, Duck, Geese, Dove, Deer (both Mule and White Tail), and Antelope Hunting are all prolific around the Big Horn Basin.  Sportsmen should go to the Wyoming Department of Fish & Game  website to look up hunting areas, seasons, and licensing requirements.

We are fortunate to have four reservoirs on the ranch and two nice reservoirs immediately behind ranch property.   Hunters may wish to think about hunting the tens of thousands of acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands adjoining the ranch. There are also lots of privately owned designated walk-in areas on property surrounding the ranch as well.
   A .22 with a scope is a fun thing to bring along at any time of
   year.   Rabbits and crows are a way to sharpen your
   marksmanship skills!  While bear and mountain lion have been
   seen on the ranch, those animals - as well as elk and moose -
   are prolific in the surrounding mountains rather than in close
   proximity of the ranch.

Fishing & Boating (our best kept secret!)
All kinds of fishing opportunities exist for the serious angler, or the "just fishin"  worm dangler.  Walleye, Perch, Blue Gill, Small Mouth Bass, Crappie; Brown, Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout; Ling or Catfish are just a few of the species that frequent the waters of the Big Horn Basin.   Big Horn Canyon Recreational Area is a lesser known treasure waiting to be discovered. It boasts breath-taking scenery, countless varieties of wildlife, and abundant recreational opportunities.  The Canyon offers solitude, serenity, beauty, amazing scenery, and fantastic fishing, and is an exceptional day outing by boat for the scenery alone!

  • Wardell and Harrington Reservoirs (contiguous to "Ranch Soup" and the Boreen Ranch)
  • Scenic Big Horn River Canyon to Yellowtail Dam & Reservoir in Montana                              
  • Buffalo Bill Reservoir on the Shoshone near Cody.
  • South and North Fork of the Shoshone River
  • Nowood River
  • Upper Greybull River and Sunshine Reservoirs
As the Big Horn River flows north through the Big Horn Basin, the area lying behind or south of the Yellowtail Dam becomes known as Big Horn Lake (oft called Yellowtail Reservoir).  Bighorn Lake extends approximately 60 miles through Wyoming and Montana, 55 miles of which are held within spectacular Bighorn Canyon. The Recreation Area is composed of 70,000+ acres, which straddles the northern Wyoming and southern Montana borders. There are two visitor centers and other developed facilities in Fort Smith, Montana and near Lovell, Wyoming.   Some of the state`s biggest trout have been pulled from the Bighorn River. It`s no wonder then that it is considered by some to be the best trout stream in the continental U.S. (it`s got both rainbows and browns) as well as the best brown trout fishery in the world. (Of course when using such superlatives to describe any fishing area, there is always lively dispute.) So what`s so special about this river? For starters, it`s a tail-water fishery. That means that A, it is downstream of a dam; B, the water is cool in the summer and C, the water experiences less ice in the winter (this last allows for a longer growing season for the trout, which in turn allows for huge fish). And, not to get too scientific, but the surrounding limestone geology allows for large populations of mayflies and fresh water crustaceans, which happen to be excellent food sources for the fish, so there are lots of fish. Top these large numbers of large fish with a small number of anglers and you do have one of the best trout streams in the country.

Wyoming Rodeos & Pow WowsOur Equine Friends  
Bring your horse and ride with us during your stay!)

  • Bring your horse and ride with us during your stay!
  • Ranch guests can access Bureau of Land Management (BLM) acres. Over 300,000 acres out the back gate of the ranch.
  • Area Wild Horse Herds -  Pryor Mountain Mustangs, Fifteen Mile Herd, McCullough Peaks Herd
  • Big Horn Basin Endurance Rides and Competitions (Equestrian).          *  Four of these rides begin off the back gate of the Boreen Ranch.  
Bridger Trail Endurance Ride   April 26
Medicine Lodge Endurance Ride    May 10 & 11*
The Wyoming Pioneer Endurance Ride   May 23, 24, 25
Red Hills Endurance Ride    June 13 & 14
Dorsey Creek Endurance    June 27-28
Big Horn Endurance Ride 35/50/80/100,  July 12*
Antelope Butte Endurance Ride   August 2 & 3*
Elk Creek Pioneer Ride, August 31 - August 29, 30, 31
Tatman Mountain Ride, - Sept. 19 & 20

Other Fun Stuff! Click on our twelve month "Ranch Soup" CALENDAR page for more events and rodeos in the area for 2013!   It has a wealth of information, dates, and lengths on a month-by-month basis!

**Updated 3/24/2014

Some of local favorites

Western Wear
-  Downtown Greybull, Probst Western & Outdoor Clothing was established in 1945 and continues to be the northwest Wyoming’s premier cowboy outfitter.  Hats, boots, silk neckerchiefs.  Whatever you need,
they`ll fix you up at Probsts.

- Driving the industry in manufacture of long-range hunting rifles and muzzle loaders.  Manufacturer located 15 miles from Ranch Soup Headquarters.  Gunwerks clients will find accommodations at "Ranch Soup" a convenient and pleasant place to hang your hat while your visiting Aaron and the gang.  www.gunwerks.com
The Burlington Place 
                          (Bar & Pizzeria)

Located in an old bank building in downtown Burlington, this pizzeria has been a local smash.

Meeteetsee Cowboy Choclatier
You won`t believe you can find these delectable, fresh chocolate treats made in the tiny western town of Meeteetsee.